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Reasons to Have Cats on Farms

The Purrrfect Solution

In the farming community, cats have always been seen as helpful companions. They keep the rodent population down, they’re great for pest control, and they provide valuable companionship to farmers who spend long hours working on their land. But recently, there has been a movement afoot to not just see cats as helpful members of the farming community, but as essential members of it. Some people are even advocating for laws that would require farms to have cats! Here are just a few of the reasons from Mountain View cat sitting experts why having cats on farms is the purrrfect solution.

The first thing to consider is that cats are natural predators. This means that they have a instinct to hunt and kill rodents. This is extremely helpful for farmers, who often deal with problems with rodents getting into their crops. Cats can help to keep the rodent population down, which will save the farmer money in the long run.

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Another reason to have cats on farms is that they can help with pest control. Cats are able to keep pests like snakes and spiders away from the farmhouse, which can make life a lot easier for farmers. In addition, cats can also help to keep birds away from crops. This is important because birds can sometimes carry diseases that can harm crops. Having a cat around will help to keep the farm safe from these potential dangers.

Finally, cats can provide valuable companionship to farmers. Farming can be a lonely occupation, and it can be hard for farmers to socialize. Having a cat around can help to alleviate some of the loneliness that farmers may feel. In addition, cats can provide comfort and support during difficult times. Farmers who have lost a crop or are dealing with other problems can find solace in the companionship of a cat.